Our Chromaview natural contact lenses range features a range of gorgeous natural styles that can help to produce stunning visual eye color effects and brand new natural eye colors. The contacts available for purchase are set to rival some of the most well-known colored contact lens competitors in terms of style, color and quality.

When it comes to natural colored contact lenses, customers are often looking for subtle enhancements and naturally realistic color transformations. The ability to change their eye color from a natural shade of blue to brown or from a natural grey to emerald green is what makes these products so highly sought after. 

Chromaview Natural Eye Colors

Our range includes an impressive amount of natural colors and multi-tone styles. Giving a look of pure color, these lenses are sure to give wearers the superior look and comfort that they have been searching for. You and your customer can rely on Chromaview for the latest and greatest styles when it comes to natural fashion wholesale colored contact lenses.

When it comes to natural beauty and fashion, the smallest of visual color changes can make a huge difference to the finished look. Each natural color comes in my different styles and designs to give a whole new look to the iris. The most popular and sought after colors include:

Some styles such as tri-tone and mystic variations offer a more vibrant and intense coloration. This makes them a popular look for customers who have dark brown eyes. It can be harder for those with naturally darker brown eyes to get a lighter eye color to work; so make sure to give clear information and multiple options to those looking for colored contact lenses for dark eyes.

Chromaview Enhancing Contact Lenses

Colored enhancement lenses offer softer coloration to the iris and tend to give more color definition to the limbal ring. The user’s eye color will remain mostly visible when wearing these lenses but the addition of new shades and undertones brings a new visual effect. The finished aesthetic can vary between eye colors, but new combinations can lead to whole new looks.

Our fresh and exciting range of Blends lenses can help you to achieve a fresh new look. Mystical and enchanting colors will add more intrigue to any everyday look. Browse color blends such as Brown Hazel, Emerald Green & Violet Purple. We’ve made sure to have every option covered with this style as you can choose different types from your purchase. This includes:

  • Non Prescription or Prescription Contact Lenses
  • 1 Day Dailies, 30 Day or 90 Day Longer Duration Lenses
  • Single Pairs or Contact Lens Multipacks

If you know what your customers will opt for then it’s easy to choose the exact duration and pack size you need. If you’re all about giving options and variety in your contact lens store then a full range of blends is certain to keep a larger amount of customers happy. See the Chromaview Blends Contact Lenses range here.

Chromaview Blends Contact Lenses

Our Chromaview contact lens multipacks are perfect options for those used to the regular wear of contact lenses. This allows day-to-day users of contact lenses to simply switch their usual clear contact lenses to a style with a subtle yet intriguing design. A variety of pack sizes allows for purchases of pairs that you pick up a larger number of pairs at a fraction of the cost.

Chromaview Prescription Colored Contact Lenses

Our range of wholesale prescription colored contact lenses allows even more customers to enjoy the benefits of natural colored contact lenses. A variety of corrective strengths makes it possible for a larger range of potential customers to enjoy our lenses. Match the prescription of the lenses to your eye requirements to allow for clearer vision when wearing colored contacts. 

Made from high-quality, lightweight materials our lenses are designed for comfort and for ease-of-use. Thinner materials are used in daily use contact lenses to avoid dehydration and leaves eyes feeling fresh during and after wear. This is due to the fact that a thin material allows for more oxygen permeation through the lens and to the surface of the eye. 

Chromaview Prescription Contact Lenses

Chromaview Wholesale Options

Our bulk buy options are available to all kinds of retailers looking to bring cosmetic colored contact lenses to their clients. Anyone and everyone should get the chance to see what they look like with a brand new natural eye color. Anyone from opticians to beauticians could consider stocking our range of natural lenses.

Sign up for a Chromaview account today to get access to wholesale pricing, bulk shipping options and plenty of account benefits. For any questions on large orders and batches; please contact our client care team for more information.

Wholesale Chromaview Contact Lenses