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Wholesale Gray Contact Lenses

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Wholesale Gray Contact Lenses

5 products found.
Chromaview Undead Gray Colored Contact Lenses (Daily)
Chromaview Undead Gray Colored Contact Lenses (Daily)
Chromaview Dragon Mist Gray Colored Contact Lenses (Daily)
Chromaview Dragon Mist Gray Colored Contact Lenses (Daily)
Chromaview Undead Gray Colored Contacts Lenses (30 Day)
Chromaview Undead Gray Colored Contacts Lenses (30 Day)
Chromaview Dragon Mist Gray Colored Contact Lenses (30 Day)
Chromaview Dragon Mist Gray Colored Contact Lenses (30 Day)
Chromaview All-In-One Premium Lens Solution
Chromaview All-In-One Premium Lens Solution

The wholesale gray contact lenses come in both costume and natural so you can find styles that are specific to your needs, or you could stock a wide range of designs to cover a broader market.

Costume contact lenses reach their peak popularity during the Halloween season. The biggest costume party of the year, October 31st is a key date for your diary as a gray colored contacts supplier. There are a range of gray styles you could provide, to help your customers complete their costumes. Here are just a few of the most popular costumes that include:

  • Dragon: Featuring a vertical pupil, the dragon style contact lenses can help your customers achieve a truly convincing reptilian look. Part of our animal range, there are plenty of styles to help your customers channel the look of a snake, dragon, or cat.
  • Zombie: These undead creatures are a popular choice of costume thanks to TV shows such as The Walking Dead. Adding a gray tone to the iris can help achieve the cloudy-eyed look of a zombie. While the outfit of a zombie may be easy to re-create, your customers will only be able to achieve a full zombie transformation with the help of a pair of colored contact lenses.
  • Cosplay: Cosplayers love to complete their characters with a pair of contact lenses. They pay high attention to detail in order to make sure their costume is accurate. Adding a pair of novelty costume lenses can help them to achieve the anime or fantasy style they are looking for.

If you already own a fancy dress business then becoming a contact lenses gray supplier is sure to make sense for your customers. Make sure they can get everything they need for their costume in one place. We bet you already stock the outfit, accessories, and makeup so why not the contact lenses too. Recommending a spooky style can take a generic costume or character to a new level. Halloween fanatics are super serious about looking as freaky as possible in their highly detailed costumes so as you can see, colored contacts are the logical next step.

This isn’t the only type of business we see purchasing bulk gray colored contact lenses. These novelty lenses are also popular with Haunted Houses, zombie apocalypse events, and cosplay.

Wholesale Natural Gray Contact Lenses

In contrast, as a gray contact lenses wholesale distributor we also stock a range of natural styles. For customers looking to create a new makeup look or cosplayers looking to match the eyes of their character, a pair of realistic gray eyes is an essential part of their look.

Within the natural gray range there are a variety of buy bulk gray contact lenses colors to choose from. This includes light gray, dark gray and several tones in between. The contact lenses are also divided into different designs. Your customers will be looking for different levels of realism for their new contact lenses which you can provide with our ranges:

  • Tri Tone: Tri Tone Contact Lenses have the most detail in the iris out of all the natural collections. On top of the main iris color, these lenses include color flecks, a dark limbal ring and sometimes additional color. We recommend this style for customers looking for gray contact lenses on brown eyes as they give the most vibrant color coverage.
  • Two Tone: The Two Tone Contact Lenses are designed to look realistic but don’t have as many different color flecks as the Tri Tone range. These are great for customers looking for a bright-eyed look.
  • One Tone: The One Tone Contact Lenses are popular with cosplayers due to their single color tones which gives an anime eye look. These are also used by makeup artists to create striking glamour looks.
  • Blends: The Blends range is designed to add color flecks to the wearer’s iris in order to add detail to their natural eye. It does no give full color coverage therefore giving a more natural finish.

Natural lenses are not only sold by retailers, but we also find them to be popular with salons, makeup artists and cosplay groups. With the increase of social media influencers using contact lenses they are only set to become more popular. A huge percentage of makeup artists, whether they create special effects looks or natural and glamour styles, love to change their eye color with this easy-to-use accessory.

Wholesale Cosmetic Contact Lenses Information

Shopping wholesale colored contact lenses won’t just provide you with high quality products but also the health and safety information for the proper use of colored contact lenses. You can pass this on to your customers and confidently answer their questions about how to use the contact lenses.

You can also reassure your customers that our wholesale contact lenses are FDA Approved and CE Marked. The FDA has also awarded us with 510k certification which means our lenses are safe and effective for their purpose.

All the contact lenses supplied by Chromaview are soft contact lenses. We have carefully selected high quality materials that are lightweight and breathable. The thin surface paired with the high water content means the lenses will allow oxygen to reach the eye of the wearer. The thin surface means that even customers who are not used to wearing contact lenses will soon be used to the feeling within a couple of blinks.

If you choose to set up a business account with Chromaview you will have access to cheap wholesale gray contact lenses when you shop bulk discount deals. With Chromaview you can shop as little or as often as suits your business, creating t