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Wholesale Multipack Contact Lenses


Wholesale Multipack Contact Lenses


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With a variety of durations available, Chromaview also offers a wholesale colored contact lens multipack option for customers looking for a hassle free way to enjoy colored contact lenses. The multipack allows your clients to enjoy the same style for longer so once they have found the design they love they are sure to return to you as a retailer again and again.

Wholesale Colored Contacts Multipack

There are several multipack options on offer but the most popular is the Daily 10 packs. This bulk buy colored contacts multipack contains 10 individual lenses therefore giving 5 days of color change to your customers. These 5 pairs of lenses come with the hassle free feature of daily lenses but with the duration of a longer lasting contact lens.

Customers get the best of both worlds. Those who opt for single use lenses are sometimes doing so because they only need the lenses for a single event. However there is another customer group who choose a one day contact lens for convenience. The enticing factor being that once they have used the contact lenses they can simply throw away the items in their normal household waste without worrying about caring for them after use.

With a longer duration lens the user is required to gently remove the lens from the eye, clean the surface and store the contact lens. During storage the lenses must be routinely cleaned so as you can see it can seem quite a lot of work to someone wishing to enjoy colored contact lenses at their convenience.

With the multipack option the customer has no need to complete this aftercare ritual and instead simply needs to prepare the lenses as usual, by soaking them in contact lens solution, enjoy wearing them for the day then start again the next day with a new pair of lenses from their contact lenses multipack supplier.

Another of the benefits of choosing a single use multipack is the feel of the contact lenses. As a contact lens multipack manufacturer we know that the shorter duration lenses give the softest feel to the wearer’s eyes. This is because the surface can be made as thin as possible, as there is no need for its durability to last beyond a single use. This means your customers can enjoy their lenses in comfort.

While the daily lens multipack is a popular choice, the longer duration multipacks are also tempting to makeup artists whether that be for glamorous natural styles or special effects. With the use of contact lenses becoming more prevalent on platforms such as Instagram, social media influencers are in need of a constant flow of cheap colored contact lenses. Like any other customers, they are sure to have their favourite styles which is why a longer duration multipack is sure to entice them in with the thought of saving money and not needing to order contact lenses as often.

Stocking Wholesale Colored Contact Lenses

As you can see there are many benefits to the customer for purchasing bulk colored contact lenses multipack. Additionally, just like the rest of our inventory there are plenty of benefits to shopping with Chromaview across our entire catalogue. With access to hundreds of costume and natural styles you can select the designs to suit your business needs. With customers becoming savvy about what they would like for their products, having a reputable and reliable contact lens supplier is essential.

Becoming A Chromaview Contact Lenses Distributor

As a color contact lenses wholesale distributor for Chromaview you will be provided with not just the highest quality products but also all-important health and safety information to share with your customers. At Chromaview we want to ensure anyone using our products has the confidence and knowledge to correctly prepare, wear, and care for our colored contact lenses. With you, as a supplier, ready to answer your customer’s questions you can be sure they will have the confidence in you as a retailer and are likely to return for even more styles. Caring for their lenses correctly will also help your customers to get the optimum use out of their products which is sure to help with those vital reviews.

The wholesale cosmetic contact lenses are FDA Approved and CE Marked to give you and your customer’s further confirmation of the high quality of our products. The FDA have also given our contact lenses the 510k certification which means our colored contacts are safe and effective for use. With official organisations in the USA and Europe awarding these quality marks, you can have confidence in the products you are stocking.

Our contact lenses are often reviewed as being incredibly comfortable which is because we take pride in the materials we choose and we prioritise the feel and quality above all else. The lightweight material allows the lens to create a thin surface over the iris that will still allow oxygen through. This helps to keep the eye hydrated during wear which is sure to be important to customers who are planning to regularly wear contact lenses. The high water content helps give the super soft feel and also means within a few blinks even those who aren’t used to wearing contact lenses will hardly notice they are there.

If you would like to become a supplier of Chromaview contact lenses then please sign up to a business account to gain access to our full catalogue, including bulk discount deals. Whatever your brief, we can help fulfil your order and offer you some new designs that you may not have considered. While we stock all the classic Halloween costume styles and natural colors, we also have a few surprises with gem color inspired contact lenses and super freaky costume contacts.