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Wholesale Blue Contact Lenses

Refresh Solution Every 7 Days When Storing Lenses (1)
1 Day (3)
30 Day (3)
90 Day (1)
2 Per Pack (Pair) (7)
100ml (1)
Made From
Remopro. Preservative: PHMB 0.0001% (1)
Polyhema (1)
Polymacon (1)
Terpolymer (5)
14 (5)
14.2 (2)
Disinfecting Properties (1)
UV Reactive (1)

Wholesale Blue Contact Lenses

8 products found.
Chromaview Elf Blue Colored Contact Lenses (Daily)
Chromaview Elf Blue Colored Contact Lenses (Daily)
Chromaview Super Sky Blue Colored Contact Lenses (Daily)
Chromaview Super Sky Blue Colored Contact Lenses (Daily)
Chromaview Crystal Blue Colored Contact Lenses (30 Day)
Chromaview Crystal Blue Colored Contact Lenses (30 Day)
Chromaview Super Sky Blue Colored Contact Lenses (30 Day)
Chromaview Super Sky Blue Colored Contact Lenses (30 Day)
Chromaview Ice Walker Colored Contact Lenses (90 Day)
Chromaview Ice Walker Colored Contact Lenses (90 Day)
Chromaview i-Glow UV Blue Colored Contact Lenses (Daily)
Chromaview i-Glow UV Blue Colored Contact Lenses (Daily)
Chromaview i-Glow UV Blue Colored Contact Lenses (30 Day)
Chromaview i-Glow UV Blue Colored Contact Lenses (30 Day)
Chromaview All-In-One Premium Lens Solution
Chromaview All-In-One Premium Lens Solution

Enhance your colored contacts sales by stocking Chromaview wholesale blue contact lenses. Our wholesale blue contacts range can be found as both natural and cosmetic styles that feature bold color pigmentations to develop the color of even the darkest of eyes.

When searching for a colored contacts stockist it’s important to find one that has experience within the colored contacts market and can offer a premium lens range that can be resold to your customers. At Chromaview, we have developed our wholesale colored contact lenses catalog so that we can provide you with high-quality premium contact lenses for almost any style imaginable.

Wholesale Blue Contact Lenses

Chromaview wholesale blue contacts will be able to offer a diverse range that will fulfil the needs of your customers. Unlike other retailers, here at Chromaview we are dedicated to expanding our lens range to contain some of the most wanted styles, with premium color pigmentations and enhanced comfort so that your customers have no need for an alternative.

Originally designed as novelty contact lenses for popular periods such as Halloween, colored contact lenses are now available in a variety of colors and styles. When shopping at Chromaview you will always be able to order stock for some of the most popular styles available, at an affordable price that will allow you to stay competitive. When it comes to buying blue contact lenses bulk from us, we can provide you with our extensive catalog which features iconic designs that have consistent demand, as well as new and exciting styles to keep your range ready for new and emerging niche markets.

In the Chromaview wholesale blue contacts range, we can offer both costume and natural contact lens solutions to meet your market needs. Our costume styles are incredibly popular ranges with peak times of sale such as Halloween and cosplay conventions. As well as this, our expansive wholesale natural blue contact lenses range can provide you with a leading catalog of lenses that offers styles for almost all eye colors, allowing you to diversify your range throughout the year and cater to any current and upcoming beauty trends that may follow.

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Wholesale Natural Blue Contact Lenses

When it comes to ordering colored contacts for wholesale, you need to ensure that you can order from a colored contact lenses supplier that offers a diverse selection, as well as some of the leading popular styles within the market. With the rise of cosmetic beauty trends and the increased attention of social media influencers, natural contact lenses have now become a staple part of many consumers’ beauty regimes. At Chromaview, we can give you the opportunity to stock popular natural contact lenses, while also offering a range of colors, styles, and shades that will best suit the needs of your customers. View some of our popular blue wholesale contact lenses styles below:

  • Blue One Tone Contact Lenses – Expand your wholesale lens collection with one tone lenses that provide an enhancing color finish to any look.
  • Blue Two Tone Contact Lenses – Our collection of two tone contact lenses can be ordered in iris styles to suit various customers.
  • Blue Tri Tone Contact Lenses – Our tri tone range offers the most coverage of our lens range, with bold pigments that can be seen on even the darkest of eyes.
  • Blue Blends Contact Lenses - Offer the latest and most innovative natural blue contact lenses with our blends range.

Wholesale Blue Novelty Contact Lenses

If you’re looking to enhance your range with costume contact lenses, look no further than Chromaview. Our wholesale costume contact lenses catalog features a wide range of blue costume contacts that will suit Halloween stores and customers looking for unique costume styles. Upgrade your stock with the following Chromaview styles:

  • Wholesale Blue Blind Contacts
  • Wholesale Blue UV Contact Lenses
  • Wholesale Aqua Blue Contact Lenses

Whether you already stock costume contact lenses or are looking to prepare for the seasonal demand of Halloween; let the Chromaview contact lens range enhance your customers’ experience. 

Wholesale Blue Contacts Bulk

When ordering colored contact lenses to fulfil your stock you should find a colored contact supplier that can offer you safe lenses to give you the peace of mind you deserve. At Chromaview, we make it our mission to offer an extensive catalogue that covers all audiences such as beauty, cosmetic, costume and cosplay in order to give you opportunities to diversify your range to compete within these markets.

Depending on the needs of your customers we can provide you with a range of durations across all our colored contact lens styles such as daily, 30 day and 90 day lenses. While all our lenses are soft and created with modern manufacturing methods and materials to increase their levels of comfort, for customers looking for the most comfortable styles; we can provide our blue daily contact lenses.

Our wholesale daily blue contact lenses all feature a soft material composition that means they are a more than a suitable substitute for all lenses. As well as being daily disposable, they have an increased water content which helps the eyes feel more refreshed and hydrated by allowing improved oxygen permeation.

The Chromaview lens range is manufactured to the highest levels in order to ensure their safety and durability. Unlike other colored contact lens suppliers, when ordering from Chromaview your wholesale blue lenses will be available with FDA Approved and CE marked ratings that ensure they are licensed for international sale.

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