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Wholesale Fashion Contact Lenses


Wholesale Fashion Contact Lenses

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Chromaview All-In-One Premium Lens Solution
Chromaview All-In-One Premium Lens Solution

Wholesale fashion contact lenses are contacts with a colored design that will change the eye color of the wearer or add an unusual pattern to the iris. These can come in both natural and costume styles, and cover a range of looks.

Colored contacts lenses are becoming increasingly popular throughout the year. Beginning as a funky way to enhance your Halloween costumes, we now see celebrities wearing colored contact lenses to try out new natural eye colors. With so many styles to choose from it is no wonder the audience is growing for these fun fashion accessories.

Wholesale Fashion Contact Lenses

Fashion contact lenses can be worn with or without prescription, giving plenty of people the opportunity to try out a new eye color. Here are just some of the categories of contact lens your customers could be trying:


  • Halloween Contact Lenses
  • Cosplay Contact Lenses
  • Natural Color Contact Lenses
  • UV Party Contact Lenses


    With so many designs on the market, the demand for unique and high quality lenses is growing. We have seen influencers on Instagram and YouTube use Chromaview contact lenses in everything from SFX makeup looks to glamorous natural makeup styles.

    Types Of Fashion Colored Contact Lenses

    Aside from the many designs of colored contact lenses, there are also a few other properties to note. When buying from us as a fashion contact lenses manufacturer you will be receiving soft contact lenses which are the most popular choice for cosmetic contact lens users. Our non-prescription and prescription lenses are made from thin, lightweight materials to ensure maximum comfort during wear. The thin layer means that oxygen is able to reach the iris and prevent the eye from drying out – perfect if you plan to wear the contact lenses for an entire day.

    This material is coupled with a high-quality pigment that is sure to give noticeable and startling color transformations to the iris, depending upon the style you select. Some of our contact lenses are designed to simply give the user a color fleck enhancement which can be found in some of our natural colored contact lenses.

    While many customers are looking for wholesale color contact lenses non prescription, there are also those who require corrective contact lenses. With our range of prescription colored contact lenses you can offer your customers a range of corrective strengths to suit their needs. With the same great designs and colors as our non prescription contact lenses your customers can enjoy trying out fashion contact lenses wholesale.

    As a fashion contact lenses supplier you will have a wide variety of designs to choose from. If you would like to focus on natural fashion contact lenses then we can provide every natural eye color from hazel to green so your clients can enjoy the eye tone they have always dreamt of. We even have a few enhanced natural colors for you to browse including purple, turquoise and emerald. These jewel-like tones are popular with Cosplayers and models.

    You may prefer to focus on costume styles which often rise to peak popularity during Halloween. With fancy dress parties occurring all year round, and makeup artists creating more imaginative and detailed looks for platforms such as Instagram you are sure to find that costume lenses will successfully sell all year round.

    As a fashion contact lens stockist you don’t need to be restricted to just one type or category of contact lens. There are often crossovers with certain audiences. For example, some Cosplayers enjoy the large doll style contact lenses for a kawaii anime look while others like to keep to natural contact lenses for a realistic finish to their costumes. With the creative industry booming, thanks to social media platforms, there are plenty of self-made MUAs (makeup artists) looking for a reliable contact lens supplier. For customers who regularly use contact lenses, once they have found a seller who provides safe and high-quality lenses, they are likely to keep returning.

    Health & Safety of Wholesale Cosmetics Contact Lenses

    Colorful contact lenses have been on the market now for quite some time but sadly every year around Halloween these fashion colored contacts can receive bad press. With consumers growing increasingly aware of the things they need to do in order to protect their health and safety they are looking for reliable suppliers of contact lenses to turn to. Chromaview believes eye safety should always come first which is why products in our wholesale colored contact lenses inventory are FDA Approved and CE marked. This means they have been certified as fit for purpose and follow the safety regulations put in place by the FDA in America and with the CE mark from Europe.

    When we sell bulk fashion contacts we aren’t just providing you with the contact lenses. We also think it is important to pass on valuable information to sellers who may be selling contact lenses for the first time.

    We appreciate that many of you will have experience in selling contact lenses but for those who are new to this market please be assured we have the knowledge to share about preparing, handling and re-inserting contact lenses for use. With the right health and safety knowledge, you in turn can reassure your customers that your main priority is their health.

    As a buy in bulk fashion contact lenses customer you can be sure to receive great discounts and package deals to suit your individual needs. No matter how big or small your business is we are happy to provide a bulk buy option that works for you. When it comes to wholesale fashion contact lenses there are plenty of styles to choose from, so you can handpick the styles that you think will meet your customers’ needs. Whether you are a supplier of fancy dress costumes, or you run your own beauty salon; there are so many ways in which you could introduce fashion contact lenses to your inventory.