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Wholesale Black Contact Lenses

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Wholesale Black Contact Lenses

6 products found.
Chromaview Mesh Screen Black Colored Contact Lenses (30 Day)
Chromaview Mesh Screen Black Colored Contact Lenses (30 Day)
Chromaview Hell Black Colored Contact Lenses (30 Day)
Chromaview Hell Black Colored Contact Lenses (30 Day)
Chromaview Mini Sclera Black Colored Contact Lenses (Daily)
Chromaview Mini Sclera Black Colored Contact Lenses (Daily)
Chromaview Black Mesh Colored Contact Lenses (Daily)
Chromaview Black Mesh Colored Contact Lenses (Daily)
Chromaview Blackout Colored Contact Lenses (30 Day)
Chromaview Blackout Colored Contact Lenses (30 Day)
Chromaview All-In-One Premium Lens Solution
Chromaview All-In-One Premium Lens Solution

An essential of the Halloween range, wholesale black contact lenses can give your customers a spooky eye color that is sure to enhance their fancy dress costumes. While black contact lenses can be used throughout the year, you are likely to find that they are in high demand during seasonal fancy dress periods such as Halloween.

Most black contact lenses are designed to blend the color of the pupil with the color of the iris for a spooky demonic eye style. This popular style is highly searched for, with customers using black contact lenses to complete their freaky costume looks. Whether they are dressing as zombies, ghouls, or vampires there are plenty of ways to incorporate black contact lenses into a costume.

The wholesale Halloween contact lenses vary in size. The larger lenses such as mini sclera and those with a diameter of more than 14mm will give the effect of circle lenses, in a spooky costume design. These larger contact lenses are popular with cosplayers and those looking to enhance their costume.

While most customers are looking for completely black contact lenses, here at Chromaview we like to give you and your customers the option to try styles that are less widely known. For a different costume experience, why not stock some of our other designs that include hints of other colors such as red and white. These classic Halloween colors pair perfectly with black contact lenses in order to give your customers a new and unusual freaky look. With you in complete control of which products you purchase, when you bulk buy black Halloween contact lenses you can choose to either stick to the Halloween must-haves, or diversify your range into new special effects territory.

Bulk Black Colored Contact Lenses Costumes

As a black contact lenses manufacturer, we have tried to think outside the box with our designs to help your customers be able to create any monster or fantasy creature they can imagine. With rising talents on platforms such as Instagram creating increasingly detailed SFX makeup designs, the demand for colored contact lenses in only set to increase. Here are a few of the more common costume designs we cater for:

Types Of Wholesale Black Colored Contact Lenses

As we mentioned, black colored contacts can be used for a range of costumes making them the perfect candidate for longer duration lenses. Available in 30 day and 90 day durations, your customers can reuse the lenses with plenty of scary makeup looks. With the correct care and maintenance, longer duration lenses can definitely benefit your customers in the long run. Offering them a cheaper way to try wholesale cosmetic contact lenses, particularly if they plan on recreating their costume, these lenses can be more cost-effective.

At Chromaview, we will provide you with information about lens safety and care to share with your customers so they can learn how to properly store their longer duration contact lenses. With plenty of other FAQs answered in our contact lenses guides you can have the confidence to help your customers get the most out of their new lenses.

We also offer single duration lenses which take away the need for aftercare; however you still may need to provide customers with information about preparing contact lenses and how to insert contact lenses. The benefit of this lens type is that they can be thrown away after use. They also offer the thinnest surface of all our collection, giving the best comfort and breathability to the eye. These super soft contact lenses allow oxygen to permeate in order to keep the eyes feeling hydrated and fresh.

Our longer duration contact lenses are also soft contact lenses but feature a marginally thicker surface for added durability.

These aren’t the only options you will have when shopping wholesale colored contact lenses. You can also choose to be a black contact lenses prescription supplier, if you wish to expand your market. We offer a range of strengths for customers who need corrective lenses so they too can enjoy adding some color to their iris with the added bonus of clear vision.

Chromaview Colored Contact Lenses

If you wish to become a color contact lenses wholesale distributor then make sure to create an account with us. This will allow you access to the full catalogue of styles, as well as additional information and customer support. You will be able to specify the amount of lenses you wish to purchase and can select styles from across all our ranges. Whether you want to only stock a selection of styles to suit your niche or would rather have a wide variety of designs on offer, we can cater to your business needs.

While there is no limit to the type of businesses that shop with Chromaview, we often find our Halloween styles and black contact lenses are most popular with the following:

  • Fancy Dress Stores – Add the finishing costume accessory to your inventory with black costume contact lenses. These exciting designs will ensure your customers won’t need to shop anywhere else for their fancy dress outfits. Provide the clothing, the props, the makeup, and the crazy eye designs to help them achieve their dream costume and help you gain returning customers.
  • Haunted House Experiences – To make your Haunted House experience even more immersive, dress your character actors in creepy contact lenses for the ultimate Halloween fright.
  • Zombie Apocalypse Events – Growing in popularity, these fun events are sure to give your customers an even scarier experience with the addition of some costume contact lenses to your zombie gang.

As you can see there are plenty of ways to incorporate wholesale black contact lenses into your business, and there is plenty of demand on the market for them. Whether customers are just looking for a one-off Halloween look or they regularly create special effects costumes, you are sure to find there is both seasonal and all-year demand for colored contact lenses in a variety of designs.