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Lens Safety Information

It is of paramount importance that Chromaview users are educated on the correct and proper use of coloured contact lenses. All Chromaview distributors are required to provide full guidance and additional resources for their clients and customers. This page serves as an example guide that distributors and sellers can use to create their own resources. Anything from written guides to infographics or videos and leaflets can help a user to understand the need for contact lens safety and care. You can view our example of a physical care guide leaflet through the link below.

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Upon Receipt of Contact Lenses

  • Ensure the lenses being worn are suitable for user’s needs
  • Check the lenses packaging has not been compromised in any way
  • Inspect the contact lens to ensure no damage or perforations
  • Read care guide information and all provided instructions
  • Wash hands thoroughly before handling contact lenses
  • Only use contact lens solution to clean, soak and prepare the lenses

How to Insert Contact Lenses

  • Place the contact lens onto your index finger
  • Check the lens is the right-way-up (U-shaped, not V-shaped)
  • Gently lower your bottom eyelid and place the lens onto the eye
  • Take your time and be gentle throughout the application
  • Once placed onto the eye, gently blink to allow the lens to reposition  

When Wearing Contact Lenses

  • Do not exceed the recommended contact lens wear period of 8 hours
  • Only wear one contact lens in an eye at one time, do not ‘stack’ lenses
  • Coloured contact lenses should not be worn whilst sleeping
  • Avoid exercise, sport or heavy physical activity when wearing lenses
  • Avoid driving, operating machinery or other activities reliant on vision
  • Avoid showering, bathing, swimming and water sports during wear
  • If discomfort occurs, remove the contact lenses immediately

How to Remove Contact Lenses

  • Using your finger, gently lower your bottom eyelid
  • Placing your finger on the lens, move it towards your lower eyelid
  • Upon moving, the lens will begin to fold outwards
  • Use this opportunity to gently pinch the lens, and get a hold of it
  • Gently remove from the eye and either dispose or place into a lens case

How to Store Contact Lenses

  • Remember that only contact lenses with longer durations can be reused
  • Use contact lens solution and a sealable contact lens case to store lenses
  • Ensure that the solution is regularly refreshed and the case is cleaned
  • Always inspect lenses for bacteria build up and potential debris
  • If required, softly rub the contact lenses to remove any build-ups

Contact Lenses Extra Care Information

  • Contact lenses should never be shared amongst multiple users
  • For safety, our recommended age of contact lens use is 18 years old
  • Users should not wear contact lenses if they have any conditions that may be worsened by the wear of contact lenses. This includes eye infections, corneal conditions, allergies that may cause irritation to the eye, inflammation of the eye, corneal ulcers or dystrophies.