Introducing Our Chromaview Natural Contact Lenses Range
Oct 22, 2021

Introducing Our Chromaview Natural Contact Lenses Range

Chromaview eyeBlends

Introducing Our Chromaview Cosplay Contact Lenses Range
Oct 22, 2021

Introducing Our Chromaview Cosplay Contact Lenses Range

Cosplay Lens Supplies

Introducing Our Chromaview Halloween Contact Lenses Range
Oct 22, 2021

Introducing Our Chromaview Halloween Contact Lenses Range

Halloween Bulk Buy

Contact Lens Manufacturer & Supplier

As a contact lens manufacturer, we certainly know a thing or two about lenses. From their creation and construction to material and use, our service isn’t just as a contact lens supplier but also as a provider of information to colored contact lens users.

Our products have been carefully chosen to be designed with popular Halloween styles, and natural contact lens colors but there is more to our contact lens brands than just the style of the products.

Safety is a huge aspect of contact lens retail especially when it comes to wholesale cosmetic contacts. The security and trustworthiness of the products in question can sometimes be of high concern to customers and clientele – and for good reason! Ocular health and eye care should always be of paramount importance to any colored contact lens retailer looking to gain customer’s trust.

We know you want to be assured about your contact lens producers licenses and procedures. Contact lenses sold by Chromaview are FDA Approved and CE marked which means officials in both the US and Europe has certified our lenses as fit for purpose. The lenses also hold the 510k mark which is given by the FDA to products which are safe and effective to use for their specified purpose.

Chromaview Contact Lens Manufacturer

In terms of their construction, Chromaview contact lenses are made with materials that are soft, safe and lightweight designed for both comfort and ease-of-use.

The high water content of soft contact lenses means that the eye will stay moist throughout wear. The thin surface also allows oxygen to reach the eye through the lenses to aid in preventing the eye from becoming dry. This lightweight, breathable feel will provide experienced wearers and first time users with a comfortable experience. With a few blinks of the eye customers often say they can hardly feel the lenses at all!

As contact lens suppliers we always recommend soft contact lenses for people who do not regularly wear contact lenses. The thin flexible material helps the wearer to easily insert them. If your customers do need some extra tips on how to use their contact lenses then you can use the information that we provide to all account holders about the safe use of colored contact lenses.

As well as ensuring the wholesale costume contact lenses themselves have an assured level of quality, we look to provide plenty of information to our buyers regarding the proper use of colored contact lenses. This ensures that they, in turn, provide their customers with the best practices for contact lens care and maintenance. 

As you can see, Chromaview contact lens manufacturers aren’t just focused on the colors and style of the lenses, but also on the feel and design of the materials. However the styles of the lenses are also incredibly important to retailers to ensure your customers can find the most popular Halloween, Cosplay and Natural styles on your shelves. This is why we have created a variety of ranges which can be found in our catalogue such as Halloween, UV Party, and Enhancing.

Not only are our products incredibly cost effective when you buy colored contacts wholesale, you can rest assured that their quality doesn’t waver. As well as being made from some of the most premium and high quality materials available, our terpolymer composition and bold color pigment process make our lenses stand out from the competition. One of the strongest qualities of our product portfolio is their ability to be marketed within both the UK and US due to their 510K Rating, FDA Approval and CE marking. This isn’t just a testament to the overall build quality of our contact lenses, but their ability to offer a safe and enjoyable experience for your customers.

As well as ensuring the wholesale cosmetic contact lenses themselves have a high level of quality, we look to provide plenty of information to our buyers regarding the proper use of colored contact lenses. This ensures that they, in turn, provide their customers with the best practices for contact lens care and maintenance.

Why Bulk Buy Colored Contact Lenses?

If you’re a contact lens stockist that is looking to add some excitement to their range; or a seller who wants to jump into the colored contacts market; we’re happy to help. Choosing the right stock to fit your customer needs is exactly what we can offer your business; so let us tell you how to bulk buy colored contacts the Chromaview way.

Stocking Chromaview contact lenses doesn’t just offer you an exciting opportunity to provide customers high quality and premium eye color transformations; it also gives our stockists unique opportunities to pursue new markets or try new styles of products with their growing base of customers.

Current Market for Cosmetic Contacts

Chromaview contact lenses offer an alternative to costume contact lens distributors as a premium low-cost alternative for natural, prescription and costume colored contacts. As a wholesaler, we offer discounts for colored contacts bulk buy within the UK throughout the year; allowing us to supply our customers with high-quality premium products through some of the busiest seasonal periods for this market, such as Halloween.

Chromaview contact lenses can don’t only live up to the expectations of some of the biggest social media influencers, but also with our stockists. The use of social media has become a powerful tool that has increased the market size for colored contacts and a large demand that is strengthened with online communities. Unlike other eye contact wholesale within the market; Chromaview lenses offer outstanding color transformations, styles and comfort that easily stand apart from the competition.

Depending on the market you operate in our wholesale colored eye contacts can rejuvenate your sales with exciting eye color possibilities. One way in which Chromaview contact lenses differ from other brands is their consistently striking designs and bold color pigments. Whether you’re looking for costume contact lenses to meet seasonal demand or natural wholesale contact lenses to inspire your costumer’s beauty trends, make sure to visit the Chromaview website.

Our lens catalogue has a variety of defining lenses that are sure to retain and draw in new customers, and ordering from us directly is quick and easy.

Bulk Buying Colored Contact Lenses

As well as having access to Chromaview’s full wholesale colored contacts range, buying contact lenses in bulk offers a range of benefits. Becoming a contact lens stockist can be a demanding job, and being one step ahead of the competition can be a difficult feat. Across all of our lens ranges you will be sure to find popular natural and costume styles from trending or upcoming styles.

In order to have access to the latest styles, we offer the ability for Chromaview wholesalers to open a trade account with us to gain access to our full range. This gives the ability to purchase bulk quantities of some of the world’s most iconic styles, while also having insight into trending styles and colors.

By buying Chromaview contact lenses in bulk you can have access to our sophisticated website that will allow you to place bulk lenses orders across our wholesale contact lenses range. While shopping costume and natural styles you will be able to choose the specific contact lenses that fit the exact needs of your customers.

 Although we still welcome bulk orders of our premium lens ranges, we do provide the ability for our stockists to choose specific contact lens styles, prescriptions and colors that they feel will best suit their audience. Open up a Chromaview bulk colored contacts account today.

How to Buy Bulk Lenses with Chromaview

If you’re looking to enhance your range with the Chromaview lens range there are only a few steps that are needed before you can buy bulk contact lenses. Our website is easy to use and our distribution channels are fast and efficient. Use our accounts page to sign up for an account. Once your account has been approved you can start purchasing your contact lenses in bulk.

For any more questions about buying Chromaview contact lenses in bulk please get in touch with our client care team; who will be able to guide you through creating an account and how our lenses can help enhance your business. 

About Chromaview Wholesale

Chromaview is a contact lens brand, wholesaler and manufacturer. We are dedicated to providing buyers with high-quality and stylish wholesale colored contact lenses for resale.  Colored contact lenses are an exciting cosmetics accessory that allows customers to change and alter the look of their eye color. Designs vary from natural, realistic-looking color effects to completely crazy colors. Wholesale novelty contact lenses are a popular pick amongst those with a clientele interest in Cosplay, costume creation and Halloween fancy dress.

As a contact lens wholesale supplier, we look to provide our prospective buyers with a huge choice of colors, styles and lens durations. Our collection offers a huge range of exciting designs that will please regular contact lens users as well as enticing new clientele. For a complete overview of what kinds of wholesale colored contact lenses are available, we invite you to browse our full collection online. See a style you want to stock yourself? Sign up for an account to purchase. From your Chromaview wholesaler account, you can view and manage all of your orders with ease. 

In order to stay on trend and meet the demand for new styles, we’ll be regularly updating our seasonal catalogue to give you plenty of new styles as well everything you need to know about wholesale contact lenses. You can download our catalogue from our website to see everything we have to offer or you can request your very own copy to keep. Download, keep and share our entire range of cosmetic wholesale contact lenses.

Chromaview Wholesale Contact Lenses

The Chromaview colored contacts range offers a broad variety of styles, colors and contact lens wear durations. Our catalogue is, for the most part, split into Natural (eyeBLENDS) & Novelty (eyeFX) styled contact lenses. Natural wholesale designs replicate the look of a real iris whereas wholesale theatrical contact lenses come in a huge array of crazy colors and funky styles. Our two main ranges are split into an array of sub-genres that’ll help you narrow down exactly what you’re looking for.

  • Wholesale Halloween Contact Lenses – a hugely popular range of contacts, these special FX contact lenses are packed with creepy colors and even crazier styles. Help users replicate the look of Zombies, Vampires, Werewolves, Witches & more with some spooky eye contacts.
  • Wholesale Cosplay Contact Lenses – catering to the character needs of Cosplayers, anime fans and more; our Cosplay contact lens range features iconic and recognisable styles that are sure to impress. Wearers are always looking for ways to bring their favorite heroes and villains to life and our Cosplay range can help them add detail like never before.
  • Wholesale Natural Color Contact Lenses – a change of eye color has become a hugely popular trend, with contact lenses being used to totally transform the visual aesthetic of the eye. Gorgeous designs paired with natural shades of blue, brown and green will please and delight users searching for a brand new look.

There are many ranges and collections that are sure to excite and delight potential customers. For those searching for wholesale fashion contact lenses, the Enhancing and Two Tone wholesale contacts are packed full of color. If you want to offer your customer natural designs with coverage for dark-eyes then our Tri Tone range is the lenses to go for. Our Fashion range will be welcome additions to any beauty, makeup or cosmetics product collection.

On the novelty side, our products extend into our wholesale theatrical contact lenses designs.  This includes styles such as Animal Eye lenses, FX Dailies and our super cool UV Party contact lenses. These ranges are perfect accessories to be included in any Halloween-themed store as well as costume and fancy dress businesses.

Types Of Chromaview Cosmetic Contact Lenses

The Chromaview colored contacts range offers some of the most stylish contact lens types available in a variety of durations. With the different styles of contact lenses that are available worldwide, users of colored contacts will usually have a preference for the duration of lenses they purchase. Within the Chromaview catalog, you will find a large range of daily colored contacts, as well as reusable styles such as our one month use contacts. These styles allow for user preference and a wider choice as well as a more convenient solution to customers in busy Halloween and costume periods.

View the entire Chromaview Catalogue to bulk buy cosmetic contact lenses today.