One of the most important nights of the year for fancy dress shops, horror events and party goers; Halloween provides the perfect opportunity to sell high volumes of costume contact lenses. Make sure you are prepared when you bulk buy Chromaview Halloween contact lenses. With a huge variety of styles to choose from, there is no limit to the kinds of costumes you could be supplying.

If you already sell fancy dress outfits then why not help your customers complete their look with wholesale Halloween contact lenses. These fun accessories can help turn an average fancy dress outfit into a party worthy fright fest.

Of course, October-time is the biggest opportunity to use Halloween contact lenses, there are a few other reasons you may need to bulk buy Halloween styles:

  • Haunted House Actors – Make sure haunted house performers are looking their spookiest in a pair of Halloween contacts. For a fully immersive experience, customers are sure to love seeing Halloween characters in zombie, vampire and ghostly colored lenses. 
  • Zombie Apocalypse Events – Zombie events are rising in popularity, from events that offer you the chance to try and escape a creepy zombie gang to walks that offer goers the chance to dress as zombies; no look would be complete without a spooky undead contact lens.
  • Theatrical Performances – Make sure your theatre company looks the part with wholesale theatrical contact lenses. Whether you are creating horror performances or have some fantasy characters in your production; a pair of contact lenses is sure to wow any audience.

There are plenty of wholesale Halloween contact lens styles to choose from. Whether you are looking for a range of designs to help your customers get imaginative with their Halloween costumes or would like to offer specific spooky characters you can buy in bulk with a Chromaview account.

Here is a closer look at some of the craziest ranges available from our Chromaview lens range. 

Chromaview Zombie Contact Lenses

One of the most popular costumes for Halloween is zombies. Whether the fancy dress outfit is inspired by The Walking Dead or another hit TV or movie franchise, you are sure to see plenty of people walking around as members of the living dead. 
The most popular choices for zombie costumes are styles that give a clouded eye style or white iris. Alternative options include bloodshot designs, red block colors and blind or mesh wholesale cosmetic contact lenses.

See our full range of wholesale zombie contact lenses here.

Chromaview Zombie Contact Lenses

Chromaview Vampire Contact Lenses

Another Halloween villain that belongs to the undead is vampires. This is a costume that is sure to be enhanced with Halloween contacts. From classic Dracula to the ever popular Twilight; unusual eyes are synonymous with the vampire universe. To cover all the most famous of vampire characters, you may need a range of contact lens designs. Vampires are depicted with anything from bright blue eyes to a ferocious blood red iris. 

See our full range of wholesale vampire contact lenses here.

Chromaview Vampire Contact Lenses

Chromaview Crazy Contact Lenses

As well as our Halloween ranges, you can find a selection of unique crazy eye styles that’ll be welcome additions to your own Halloween costume accessories range. As well as crazy colors such as white, red, black and orange these eye styles are sure to impress.

  • Animal Contact Lenses: Aside from the traditional Halloween costumes, you can also shop cheap Halloween contact lenses for more unusual looks such as animal inspired fancy dress. With a range of vertical pupil contact lenses you can tap into reptilian inspirations to provide dragon, snake, and cat eye contact lenses.
  • Werewolf Contact Lenses: Thanks to a range of pop culture characters including Wolverine, the werewolves from Twilight and Underworld, animal-inspired costumes have grown in popularity. With makeup kits and contact lenses to help customers create a creepy wolf-like look, this is sure to be a popular choice for those wanting an easy fancy dress outfit.
  • Blind Contact Lenses: While we tend to recommend using blind and mesh colored contact lenses for photo shoots rather than parties, these full coverage styles are a popular pick. Covering both the iris and pupil, therefore limiting vision, these creepy lenses give a completely blanked out stare that is sure to make a costume even freakier.

About Chromaview Halloween Lenses

Whether you are shopping for cheap Halloween contact lenses USA, UK or other countries our products are FDA approved and CE Marked which means you can be confident that they are high quality and fit for purpose. With so many contact lens types to choose from you can buy Halloween contact lenses online to suit your specific needs and target market.

For more information or to talk to a member of our client care team, please use our contact us page. Take a closer look at our wholesale Halloween contact lens range to browse and select the lenses we have on offer.

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