If you’re looking for a new source of Cosplay supplies then Chromaview Cosplay contact lenses could be the answer. Our ranges of wholesale cosplay contact lenses can offer your customers a wide variety of safe, durable and comfortable colored contacts.

Our wholesale cosplay contact lenses are colored contacts that feature a variety of iconic character designs and colors. This is an increasingly popular contact lens range due to the demand for low-cost cosplay accessories and the development of Cosplay conventions.

With the extensive Chromaview cosplay contact lenses range it’s never been easier to expand your market into the cosplay community. Keep reading and let us tell you more about our premium colored contact lenses.

Chromaview Cosplay Contact Lenses

As a wholesale contact lens supplier, we have a strong knowledge of the market and as such, we constantly develop our range of anime contact lenses to accommodate. With the increased interest of Tokyo street fashion, anime and Japanese culture; Western audiences have become more and more attuned to Cosplay; making it a growing part of the costume supplies market.

Cosplay contact lenses do not only offer top transformations into Japanese anime characters though; many of the Chromaview cosplay contact lens range consists of globally-recognised characters that are popular choices for both Cosplay conventions and Halloween fancy dress.  

By having Chromaview as your cosplay contact lens supplier we can provide you with colored contact lenses throughout the year. As a contact lens stockist, you will be aware of the increased demand for colored contact lenses over seasonal periods such as Halloween. 

Chromaview Anime Contact Lenses

As a stockist of premium colored contact lenses and cosplay contacts you can bet that we have a large variety of style that can fit popular anime and manga characters. By providing wholesale anime contact lenses bulk, it is possible for our stockists to promote their business through year-round conventions and shows.

The Chromaview anime lens range adopts popular anime eye styles in both Plano and non-corrective lenses. Enhance the world of Cosplay with our wholesale anime contact lenses.

Chromaview Anime Contact Lenses

Wholesale Character Contact Lenses

The best wholesale cosplay contacts need to be realistic and coherent with well-known anime and pop culture characters. Within our range of wholesale character contacts, you can find a variety of contact lenses that fit popular anime characters and even some from pop culture.

Depending on your cosplay lenses market, we can provide you with over 100 styles that can complement your cosplay and Halloween lens range. Find all of our best wholesale character contact lenses here.

Chromaview Character Contact Lenses

Chromaview Contact Lens Ranges

Within our extensive catalogue, we have a large variety of lenses that incorporate some of the leading manufacturing processes in contact lenses. On our website you’ll find a variety of lenses that range from costume, natural and prescriptions colored contacts lenses. Although the Cosplay can consist of many different character costumes, there are a few specific cosplay lens styles that have increased popularity within the community. 

For example, new and popular anime’s including Naruto, My Hero Academia and even popular Marvel characters are fan favorite cosplay choices; and you can shop these ranges with Chromaview. See our color contacts wholesale ranges below:

  • Wholesale Anime Contact Lenses – Inspired by popular anime and manga series; Chromaview offers premium anime wholesale contacts.
  • Wholesale Circle Contacts – Alongside our anime lens range that offer bold and exciting character styles; we also offer wholesale circle contacts suited for both Cosplay & Tokyo Street style. This range can provide your contact lens stock with bright, natural-themed lenses that can exaggerate natural color to fulfil Kawaii looks.
  • Wholesale Costume Contact Lenses – Draw in cosplayers with iconic contact lens styles. From blind themed, block or even ultraviolet reactive; make sure your stock stands out from the competition. 

Chromaview Lens Wholesale Safety

At Chromaview we put large attention to detail to providing an extensive range of products, but our main focus is always safety. At Chromaview we ensure that all of our lenses are made to the highest standards by using cutting edge manufacturing processes that can ensure that our lenses are FDA Approved and CE marked. Not only do these premium ratings outline the strength, durability and safety or our wholesale contact lens range; it also allows our lenses to be sold internationally within North American and European markets. 

With Chromaview being one of the largest manufacturers of costume colored contacts we create a large range of lenses in order to accommodate your demand. Not only can many of our cosplay lenses serve as strong products within your Halloween lens inventory; they can also be developed into one of your popular ranges throughout the year.

At Chromaview we provide high-quality products that you need for your customers. By stocking Chromaview lenses you can ensure that your customers receive lenses that are safe, comfortable and affordable. If you wish to find out more on our lenses open up a trade account to view prices, information and more. 

Chromaview Wholesale Account