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Wholesale Brown Contact Lenses


Wholesale Brown Contact Lenses

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Chromaview All-In-One Premium Lens Solution
Chromaview All-In-One Premium Lens Solution

Wholesale brown contact lenses are filled with rich color pigments to give a gorgeous deep brown shade. From light hazelnut to chocolate brown there are so many shades to choose from. While the trend is to aim for baby blue eyes or light eye colors, customers are also turning to brown contact lenses to add a richness and depth to their iris. This color adds an air of mystery to the wearer that is widely appealing.

Most bulk brown contact lenses are natural styles. This means they aim to give a realistic style to the iris of the wearer. They come in a variety of designs but our most popular ranges include:

  • Blend: The Blend range is designed to add subtle color flecks to the eye without fully covering their iris. This can be a great natural way to enhance the iris and is a popular choice for those wanting to add some lighter tones to their dark brown eyes.
  • One Tone: One Tone Contact Lenses are designed to give a subtle color change to the iris. This single color lens is often popular with cosplayers for changing their eye to a vibrant single color.
  • Two Tone: Two Tone Contact Lenses have slightly more dimension than the one tone style. The design aims to add color flecks to the iris to give a more realistic natural look. The detailing in this style makes it a popular choice for an everyday natural change.
  • Tri Tone: Tri Tone Contact Lenses are the most detailed and intricate of all the ranges. They offer a dark limbal ring, multi-toned iris design, and additional color flecks to help the wearer enjoy a stunning color transformation.
  • Mystic: The mystic range introduces darker tones and black outlines to give a defined look that will have the depth of a natural eye color.

Types Of Wholesale Brown Contact Lenses

Within these ranges and the many others in the Chromaview catalogue, there are a range of shades to choose from too. Customers of natural contact lenses are usually looking for a very specific shade to either match their makeup idea or to match the character they would like to cosplay. For this reason it can be beneficial to stock a range of cheap brown contact lenses designs and shades to cover a wider market. The shades include:

  • Hazel: The hazel tones offer a light warm brown shade, often with added green or golden color flecks. This color is a great way to switch up a completely brown eye color.
  • Light Brown: As the name suggests, this is the lightest shade in our collection and will allow customers to enjoy the richness of a brown eye color but with a light fresh finish.
  • Brown: A classic shade of brown will give your customer the chance to try a totally natural shade of contact lens that is sure to give them the realistic iris design they are looking for.
  • Dark Brown: This dark shade gives a richness to the iris. The deep shade is popular for customers with light eye colors looking to try a noticeable stunning change.

While often customers are looking for a total color transformation when they search natural colored contacts, in the case of brown eyes you are likely to find customers who would like to lighten their existing eye color. With a hazel or light brown color in your inventory, you can give customers with dark brown eyes the opportunity to try a subtle color change that will add definition to their iris.

As a brown contact lenses manufacturer it is important to say that the result of the final color will depend on the natural shade of the wearer’s eyes. In the case of brown contact lenses, the dark color means this natural style can be very successful in covering all eye tones.

Options Of Bulk Buy Brown Contact Lenses

When you buy bulk brown contacts it isn’t just the design you are choosing. There are also a range of durations and types of contact lenses to choose form. These can be broken down into durations as follows:

  • 90 Day
  • 30 Day
  • One Day

The needs of your customer will depend on how long they are looking to switch their eye color. Daily contact lenses offer the most hassle free experience, as the lenses require no aftercare, however 30 day or 90 day options can be more cost effective for your customers. There is also a daily multipack option which provides five days of color change. This popular pack will allow your customer to enjoy the hassle free experience of daily lenses but with a longer duration of use.

The contact lenses can also be bought in prescription or non-prescription styles meaning you can easily open up a large new market as a brown lens supplier. As you can see there are plenty of ways to hand-pick the lenses that will best suit your business. With a Chromaview account you can enjoy bulk discounts, and choose a package or selection of lenses that will suit your brief.

That isn’t the end of the Chromaview journey. Shopping with us isn’t just about finding the right contact lenses, it is also about being given the information to pass on to your customers to help them safely use contact lenses. When you shop wholesale colored contact lenses you are also opening the doors to a wealth of knowledge and plenty of safety advice.

Our wholesale cosmetic contact lenses are FDA Approved and CE Marked, meaning official bodies in both the US and Europe have certified them as fit for purpose. The lenses are made from high quality materials that are made to be breathable and lightweight in order to prevent the eye from drying out. All these additional features are to ensure the wearer’s eyes stay comfortable while they enjoy the highly pigmented designs.

As you can see with wholesale brown contact lenses, it is about more than just choosing the right design. Finding the perfect styles for your business is sure to open up the market of natural colored contact lenses.