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Wholesale Natural Contact Lenses


Wholesale Natural Contact Lenses

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Chromaview All-In-One Premium Lens Solution
Chromaview All-In-One Premium Lens Solution

If you’re looking for a lens range that can offer a variety of enhancing eye colors; look no further than the Chromaview wholesale natural contact lens range. As well as variety, the Chromaview natural lens range offers a large number of styles within its catalogue, that boldly stand out from the rest.

For our stockists, we can provide natural lenses in bulk to fit almost any customer base. Our range is vast and diverse with us stocking many different lenses to mimic different iris styles. Our catalogue contains a variety of colors that can be worn for both light and dark eyes; as well as a collection of corrective enhancements and durations in order to complement any customer’s preference.

Natural Colored Contact Lenses Wholesale

With the rise in social media and beauty trends, colored contacts have become a staple part of many people’s beauty regimes and a social norm as a daily way to change their eye color. Due to the development of contact lenses and the premium nature of the Chromaview contact lenses range it is possible for consumers to change their eye color on a daily basis, with the high qualities and comfort that can be found our contact lenses brand.

When supplying our natural contact lenses bulk we offer a large portfolio of products to tailor each of our stockists. By opening a Chromaview account on our website you can gain access to one of the largest ranges of wholesale natural lenses in the world; available at discount prices. Not only is our website vast, but it also contains detailed information on each of our lenses to help inform you of all of the different types of colored contacts for wholesale that we offer; allowing you to understand the unique features that are available from Chromaview lenses and how they can exceed your customer's expectations.

Types Of Wholesale Natural Contacts

Within the cosmetic colored contacts market, there are a variety of customers that adopt this style of lenses and use them on a daily basis. Depending on the customer they may choose a specific type of contact lens brand due to the individual transparency of a lens to take into account visibility on light or dark eyes or opt for a specific duration of lenses to gain their desired comfort.

The Chromaview cosmetic lenses range is available in a variety of different styles and durations so that you can manage your colored contacts stock all from one supplier. One of the most important considerations that natural lens wearers take into account is the transparency of colored contact lenses and their vibrancy. Due to the premium manufacturing processes that Chromaview lenses adhere to; all of the color pigments within our lenses are bright, colorful and durable throughout our ranges. Lens transparency, however, can vary between each natural eye color which is why we stock a variety of natural colored contact lens ranges so that we can provide suitable lens matches to a wider range of customers. Find out about our natural contact lenses in bulk below:


  • One Tone - The one tone range offers our signature vibrant color pigments in various shades. Of our lenses, this style is best suited for customers who are looking for an enhancement to their natural eye color. The slight color flecks offer extra detail and are a popular choice for customers after a subtle eye color change.
  • Two Tone - One of our most popular styles, the two-tone Chromaview contact lenses offer detail and depth to most eye colors. The increased pigment coverage and vibrancy make for a popular choice among cosmetic lens wearers.
  • Tri Tone - Chromaview tri-tone contact lenses offer our most coverage with enhanced detail, depth and definition. As well as competing to be a popular choice against leading brands, their enhancing colors and natural iris details can offer a suitable solution to even the darkest natural eye colors.
  • Blends - The Chromaview blends lenses offer a variety of color pigments that offer new possibilities within the cosmetic lens market and therefore new and exciting eye color transformations. Talk to us today about us becoming your blends contact lens supplier.


Due to the high-quality configuration of our lenses, Chromaview clearly stands out among the competition. The market for these style of colored lenses has increased and with Chromaview cosmetic contact lenses it’s incredibly easy to fulfil the needs of this developing market. Feel free to contact us today and ask about how our lenses can help develop your contact lens or costume wholesale business. Our popular lenses are sure to improve your customer retention with styles and products for all customers and preferences. Enhance your range with aqua, blue, green, emerald, grey, hazel, brown and violet natural contact lenses today.

Safe Natural Wholesale Lenses

The Chromaview contact lens range offers many colored contact lenses that define the standard of contacts that should be offered to customers. By stocking our lenses we can provide you with a range of high-quality premium colored contacts wholesale to improve and replace your current range. Speak to us about new natural contact lens alternatives to improve your customer retention and market.

Our lens range offers an incredibly diverse range of styles that can compete with most other leading brands due to our varied catalogue and styles to suit any customer needs. As a natural contact lens supplier, we ensure this by providing our lenses in various different durations including daily, 30 day and 90 day durations. We can also provide our natural prescription lenses wholesale ranges if you’re looking to become a Chromaview stockist and provide corrective variations of our Plano styles.

If you’re looking for a further reason to become a Chromaview contact lens stockist then be sure to ask about some of our key features. Unlike some other contact lens manufacturers, the Chromaview contact lens range offer FDA Approved and CE marked wholesale lenses. This means that our lenses are safe, durable and comfortable for their intended use; but more importantly, can be sold in the USA and the EU. Open a trade account today, and begin stocking the exciting natural Chromaview lenses in bulk.