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Wholesale 90 Day Contact Lenses

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Wholesale 90 Day Contact Lenses

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Chromaview Ice Walker Colored Contact Lenses (90 Day)
Chromaview Ice Walker Colored Contact Lenses (90 Day)
Chromaview All-In-One Premium Lens Solution
Chromaview All-In-One Premium Lens Solution

If you’re looking to expand your colored contacts collection then be sure to see the premium range that is available directly from Chromaview. As a wholesale colored contact lens supplier, we can offer a range of premium alternatives to your existing stock, or new and exciting styles to promote your range. Chromaview has one of the largest lens catalogues available with wholesale 90 day contact lenses to cater to any colored contacts market.

 Chromaview wholesale 90 day contacts are colored contacts that provide cosmetic or costume eye colors for up to 3 months. Our colored contacts range can be ordered in some of the world’s most iconic styles, as well as innovative and trending styles that will appeal to new markets. We can create your colored contacts range with Chromaview stock that can appeal to everyday occasional lens wearers and even everyday users with our 90 day contact lenses bulk. 

90 Day Wholesale Contact Lenses

Whether it’s an exciting stock refresh or you’re looking for a new wholesale contact lenses supplier, Chromaview can offer you the products and services to meet your business demands. As a premium contact lens supplier, we understand the need to expand markets and develop products that exceed the expectations of the customer. From the extensive catalogue, you will be able to find an enormous range of styles that can help cater to almost any of your customer markets. Peak demand for colored contacts during occasions such as Halloween offers a range of fulfilment opportunities; however, none will be able to stand against the incredible Chromaview EYEFX and EYEBLENDS ranges. As well as giving you an edge amongst your competitors, we can provide you with precise stock fulfilment and exclusivity as one of our stockists. 

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Wholesale 90 Day Colored Contact Styles

When it comes to stocking reusable contact lenses, you need to provide your customers with a diverse range that will increase their choices and improve your customer retention. With a variety of styles across our wholesale cosmetic contact lenses and wholesale costume contacts ranges, you can easily provide your customers with one of the largest ranges available.

One of the most important times of the year for colored contacts wholesales is Halloween. This annual event yields a large increase for demand and gives the opportunity for new colored contact stockists to gain loyalty with their clientele. In order to do this, however, you need to offer safe products that provide an enjoyable experience. When shopping for wholesale Halloween contact lenses we can provide you with our EYEFX range that contains premium variations of the classic block lens style as well as our popular wholesale animal contact lenses which feature vertical slit pupil designs for cat, wolf and dragon costumes.

Although Halloween may be seasonal, the increased popularity of cosplay and conventions can also help boost your sales throughout the year. The Chromaview cosplay contact lenses range provides leading styles for Japanese and western anime characters and pop culture styles that are popular among this demographic. Due to the nature of these events and the attendants that often travel for Cosplay, our wholesale 90-day contact lenses are incredibly popular and provide a comfortable and safe option to our stockists and their customers.

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Wholesale Natural 90 Contact Lenses

With the increased popularity of colored contact lenses and the influence of social media, beauty trends endorsed by celebrities have begun to incorporate natural contact lenses. The Chromaview wholesale natural contact lenses range provides a variety of colors and shades that can be worn by almost any eye color. By offering more detailed and enhancing cosmetic contact lenses bulk, you can give your customers lasting eye color transformations with our improved color pigments that offer depth and definition alongside their enhanced coverage.

Depending on the needs of your customers, Chromaview has a vast product portfolio that updates regularly so that you can replenish and refresh your stock throughout the year. For everyday contacts, you can become a reusable contact lenses stockist of our natural colored contacts range. As well as daily variations, we pride ourselves on also stocking reusable sections in both wholesale monthly colored contact and 90 day lenses that feature premium material compositions to provide enhanced comfort and durability. 

Order 90 Day Contact Lenses Bulk

The Chromaview contact lenses collection can offer you safe and comfortable colored contacts that will give you a returning customer base throughout the year. Our premium and high-quality color pigments truly stand out from the competition and offer vibrancy for Halloween costumes and even the most demanding beauty regimes.

By committing to the use of leading materials in our wholesale reusable colored contacts you can rest assured they will be safe and durable for long periods of wear. At Chromaview, our entire range consists of wholesale soft colored contact lenses that are durable and easy to clean, making them a popular choice among users of monthly and 90 day contact lenses.

As well as providing a range of premium reusable contact lenses we can offer wholesale FDA approved contact lenses that are also CE marked. What this means for our stockists, is that they can have peace of mind knowing that their lenses have been made to the highest standards. Furthermore, our stockists will also have the ability and ease of expanding into new contact lenses styles.