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Wholesale Aqua Contact Lenses


Wholesale Aqua Contact Lenses

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Chromaview All-In-One Premium Lens Solution
Chromaview All-In-One Premium Lens Solution

Enhance your colored contact lenses range with new and vibrant colors that are sure to excite your customers. If one of your most popular ranges is natural or blue colored lenses, be sure to stock the Chromaview wholesale aqua contact lenses range.

Depending on the lenses that you stock for your customers you will understand that some brands are more popular than others due to customer demand for intense vibrancy or increased comfort. Luckily if you’re looking for an aqua contact lenses supplier, the Chromaview colored contacts range can provide you with premium styles that your customers are sure to fall in love with.

Types Of Wholesale Aqua Contact Lenses

When it comes to stocking colored contacts you will be aware of the vast styles that are available within the market. If you have been looking to become, or already are, a colored contact lens stockist you’ll notice that aqua contact lenses wholesale are a luxury to come across with certain brands.  At Chromaview, however, we design and create our colored contact lens ranges in order to meet consumer demands and trends within the market, meaning exotic eye colors such as aqua blue will never be difficult to find. As well as this, Chromaview can also offer your customers unparalleled colored enhancements.

Not only this but within the colored contacts market you will notice the bright and colorful intensity that is offered by Chromaview’s brands. We make it our duty to provide colored contacts with intense color pigmentations that can be used for both natural and costume contact lenses.

Wholesale Natural Aqua Contact Lenses

If you’re selling colored contact lenses, it’s important to stock a diverse range that can appeal to your entire audience. At Chromaview, we make it incredibly easy for you to shop aqua contact lenses bulk in a variety of styles. Many suppliers of contact lenses will usually focus on just one range of lenses, however, we make sure to stock hundreds of different styles so that you can offer the perfect pair of contacts for each of your customers. Whether you’re looking to stock the most natural aqua natural contact lenses or pairs of realistic costume animal lenses; you can shop all in one place at Chromaview.

For a wholesale natural contact lenses stockist, it’s important to provide a range of contact lenses that can excite your customers and fit with each of the needs and requirements of your clients. Within the Chromaview natural aqua contact lens range, we can provide you with a large variety of stock that can suit everyday contact lens users and those who like to try an occasional eye color transformation with ease. Unlike other manufacturers, we stock natural contact lenses for almost any iris type. Depending on the user, they may require more detailed colored contact lenses in order to add depth and coverage over dark eye colors, whereas wearers with light color eyes may prefer a more subtle and enhancing colored finish. View some of our styles of natural contact lenses below:

  • Wholesale Aqua One Tone Contact Lenses – Suited for contact lens wearers with light natural eye colors, Chromaview one tone contact lenses offer an enhancing color pigment to everyday stares.
  • Wholesale Aqua Two Tone Contacts – Our Chromaview two tone contacts range offers a second color pigment to their styles, providing depth and detail to the wearer’s eyes.
  • Wholesale Aqua Tri Tone Colored Contacts – Our most coverage from our contact lens range can be found with our Tri Tone contacts. These lenses offer a darkened limbal ring and a three tone design to add detail, depth and definition.
  • Wholesale Blends Contact Lenses – This style will transform the wearer’s eye color with a multi-shade pigment. Best suited for light eyes, this enhancing range is available in a variety of colors.

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Wholesale Aqua Costume Contacts

Halloween is an important time of year for Colored Contacts stockists. Demand is high and it’s important to be able to offer a diverse and competitive range of lenses to your customers. Luckily the Chromaview range has a variety of wholesale aqua costume contact lenses that will revitalise your lens collection. Adding popular styles such as blind, animal and novelty contact lenses, you can easily prepare your colored contact lens store for a variety of Cosplay events and Halloween costume creators.

Are you ready to stock Chromaview wholesale contact lenses? Get in touch with us about finding out which of our costume and natural lenses will suit your business.

Comfortable Aqua Contact Lenses Bulk

After viewing the vast Chromaview lens catalogue you will be able to see how our wholesale contact lens range can offer your company exciting opportunities and styles for year-round customers. One of the unique features of our contact lenses can be seen through their bright and vibrant color pigmentations. As an aqua contact lenses supplier we aim to provide the best quality contact lenses available to our stockist, and that starts with our premium color pigment process.

As well as color, we also provide lens styles for some of the most iconic characters from pop culture, anime and Halloween monsters. Not only do we offer our aqua contact lenses wholesale a large number of styles; you will also be able to bulk order lenses in the exact duration and prescription requirements that meet your unique demands as a Chromaview stockist. Open up a trade account today and see how you can offer your customers colored contacts in daily, 30 day and 90 day durations.

Once you become a Chromaview stockist, we can provide you with a premium contact lens range of FDA approved and CE marked contact lenses.  All of our contact lenses are manufactured to the highest quality in order to make them safe, durable and comfortable during usage. Stock your aqua contact lenses bulk with Chromaview for peace of mind and fast stock fulfilment.