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Wholesale Purple Contact Lenses


Wholesale Purple Contact Lenses

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Chromaview All-In-One Premium Lens Solution
Chromaview All-In-One Premium Lens Solution

Wholesale purple contact lenses are an unusual style of lens because they are both natural and costume contact lenses. This color proves popular with Cosplayers and those who enjoy alternative fashion. This funky color can help your customers realise their kawaii visions and provide them with a dreamy eye color.

The costume designs of wholesale purple contact lenses give out-of-this-world galactic qualities to the iris. You can give your customers the chance to literally have stars in their eyes. These fantastic designs will allow you to offer your customers a unique and exciting color change experience.

With vibrant color coverage from the purple contact lenses, the lenses in this range do have the ability to cover darker eye colors if you opt for a costume style or tri tone natural lens. While results may vary depending on the natural color of the wearer’s eyes, the addition of purple tones into their iris is sure to be a unique experience.

When it comes to the natural bulk purple colored contacts, clients will notice this is an odd category. While purple isn’t a natural color, the lenses are designed to mimic the look of a real iris. This detailing can make even the most purple of contact lenses look realistic, perfect for customers who enjoy experimenting with alternative looks. Within this range, like all our other natural styles, there are different designs to choose form.

  • Tri Tone - The Tri Tone lenses offer detailed color flecks and dark limbal ring in order to give the most realistic design.
  • Two Tone – The Two Tone lenses have slightly less detail but still have the look of a realistic iris. The soft colors and added subtle flecks are sure to look natural.
  • One Tone – The One Tone lenses offer a single color for a bright and bold transformation. For customers who are feeling intrepid, or perhaps for cosplayers looking for purple lenses these are most similar to anime eyes.
  • Blends – The purple Blends lenses add subtle and enhancing color flecks to the iris. This is ideal for customers who do not want to completely change their eye color but would like to experience a new style.

As we mentioned, purple contact lenses are a popular choice for cosplayers. As a cosplay purple contact lenses manufacturer we are confident that you will find a large market waiting for you if you choose to stock cosplay styles. This growing industry sees costumes growing ever more detailed in order to match the characters. This includes paying attention to eye color. A purple hue to the eyes can certainly add the anime touch to an outfit and is a dazzling way to add some kawaii fun to a look.

This eye color is popular in manga and will also help special effects makeup artists create fantasy characters. The unusual tones are sure to add even more mystique to their makeup or prosthetics, and are therefore popular with social media influencers.

Types Of Wholesale Purple Contact Lenses


When we are discussing purple contact lenses we can barely begin to cover the number of different shades available. From light violet tones to dark intense purple; the shade of the contact lens can completely change the effect on the iris. For cosplayers in particular, they will be interested in getting the closest match which means paying attention to the shade too. By providing a wide range of purple colored contact colors you will be able to cover a huge market. As a purple contact lenses supplier you may find that customers will keep coming back for the same design once they have found the one they love.

This isn’t the only variation in buy bulk purple lenses. They are also available in prescription or non-prescription styles meaning you can open up your business to those who require corrective lenses. You can enable these customers to experience the same amazing designs as those who require non-prescription, with the added bonus of providing clear vision too. Having these options for your customers is important which is why as a wholesale colored contact lenses seller we have ensured we have plenty of strengths available in our prescription range.

The next option is for duration. Available as single use or longer duration lenses, there are benefits to both. The daily lenses can be worn once then thrown away for a hassle free experience. This is a great option for those wanting to use lenses for a single event. On the other hand, for customers looking to regularly use their colored contact lenses 30 day and 90 day styles can be re-used as long as they are properly maintained and cleaned.

Becoming A Color Contact Lenses Wholesale Distributor

We don’t stop there! When supplying wholesale cosmetic contact lenses we think it is also important to provide safety and care information to you. Armed with the knowledge of how to properly care for colored contact lenses, you can in turn pass this on to your customers to ensure they have a positive experience when using Chromaview contact lenses. Across all our ranges we have FDA Approved and CE marked lenses so you know that the products you are purchasing are safe and fit for purpose. As you can see Chromaview prioritises the eye health and safety of its clients above all else.

If you choose to open an account with Chromaview you will be able to shop our entire catalogue with discount bulk deals to help you find cheap colored contact lenses. With various quantities available to suit the size of your business you can pick and choose from lenses across all our ranges to purchase the best styles for your needs. As you can see even within the wholesale purple contact lenses range there is plenty to choose from.