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Wholesale Prescription Contact Lenses


Wholesale Prescription Contact Lenses

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Chromaview All-In-One Premium Lens Solution
Chromaview All-In-One Premium Lens Solution

Prescription contact lenses are an exciting way to open up a new market for colourful and bright natural and costume wholesale coloured contact lenses.

Prescription colour contact lenses wholesale selections are just as varied as our non-prescription collection, with lenses to suit all business needs. Whether you’re looking for natural-mimicking tri-tone lenses for the cast of your film, or something crazy and bold that your customers will love, we can offer lenses that will give both clear vision and a new colour.

Selling prescription contact lenses can seem a little more complicated than stocking just non-prescription contacts because getting the correct contact lens prescriptions is important to ensure that the lenses give the desired best vision. The strength needed can vary from left to right eye, with different diameters, base curves and more. At Chromaview, we include information about the power, base curve, and diameter of all our contact lenses so your customers can easily find the designs that will suit their prescriptive needs. This attention to detail can change a tiring long day at a Comic Con to a worry-free adventure for your customers. The great experiences our lenses create for your customers ensure they’ll be coming back time and again for the latest contacts designs.

As prescription contact lens wholesale distributors, we offer our selection of lenses with all prescription types. This allows you to offer lenses to more niche markets and work with options that you might not have thought possible for those that require prescription eyewear. Having prescription lenses available as a production company, makeup artist, or costume shop, opens new doors and markets.

Going the extra length to provide prescription lenses for yourself or your customers is efficient, affordable and effortless with Chromaview.

Chromaview’s Wholesale Coloured Contact Lenses

We take pride in offering a varied selection of lenses to suit all business needs. Carefully analysing sales patterns, changing demand throughout the seasons, as well as potential future demands for new designs, is just part of our job. To be the best prescription contact lens supplier it’s important that we can offer not just the highest quality lenses (scroll down for more about the safety and quality) but also the best designs.

  • Natural, two-tone, tri-tone and single colour lenses. Simply changing the colour of the eyes can transform a character, whether this is for a theatre production or just enjoying a day out cosplaying with friends.
  • Halloween designs are always popular – but you’re missing out on a large section of the market by not buying prescription contact lenses bulk. During periods such as Halloween, more people are looking to try something new and dress up for an Instagram-worthy photo. Don’t isolate a segment of your market by only offering non-prescription lenses.
  • Lenses with designs such as cat eyes. Your prescription market might not think that lenses like these are available for them, but you can open new doors. We find that having a selection of more unusual designs in stock can draw in new customers and help you stand out from the crowd.

All the lenses mentioned, and many more as our collections are updated, are available in a range of prescriptions. The lenses are also available in different durations, from 1 day to 30 days to 90 days.

Why Buy Wholesale Prescription Contacts in Bulk?

Browsing a very large collection of lenses like ours can be a little daunting. However, you are in complete control with your order. Mix and match our wholesale prescription contacts with as many or as little stock as needed. Increase your order for the new season or switch out one lens design for a new one.

Chromaview can help you to build a long-term relationship with prescription contact wearers. Become the trusted prescription contact lens supplier that they can rely on for new designs made in the prescription type they need.

Buying in bulk has further benefits for you and your customers too:

  • Add a style to your stock for demand surges and unpredictable market niches (e.g. a brand-new sci-fi show that takes off with an unusual-eyed villain).
  • Cater to large events, such as Comic Cons or theatre productions. Set up a stall or dress up your troop of actors.
  • It’s more affordable to buy in bulk and allows us to offer a better-quality product without charging you a fortune. This gives you greater freedom when it comes to marketing the lenses and increasing your profit margins.

Purchasing prescription contact lenses bulk can be nerve-wracking, especially for a small business. So, let us reassure you. Customising your order is extremely simple - you just need to select the lens designs you need. There are no subscription tie-ins or limited collections. Whether you need one Halloween design and 10 natural designs, or vice versa, we can help.

Choosing A Prescription Contact Lens Supplier

If there’s just one reason to choose a contact lens supplier, it’s quality. No matter how good wholesale prescription contact lenses look, if the quality is poor, your customers are less likely to return for more. For consumers who are already aware of the importance of good eye care and comfortable fitting lenses, offering high-quality prescription contacts is even more important.

To reassure your customers, or to feel ultimate peace of mind when wearing them yourself, you can consult the detailed instructions we have available. This includes details on how to clean the lenses, store them between wear, how to put them in safely, and how to remove them.

Furthermore, you can comfortably wear our lenses for long periods of time because they are soft lenses. The contact lenses are made from breathable and lightweight materials, allowing air to circulate and prevent your eyes from drying out or watering excessively.

Finally, the Chromaview collection of wholesale coloured contact lenses has FDA Approved and CE Marked products to show they are safe and effective for their purpose.

Create your first bulk order with Chromaview to discover the high quality for yourself!