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Wholesale Blends Contact Lenses


Wholesale Blends Contact Lenses

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Chromaview All-In-One Premium Lens Solution
Chromaview All-In-One Premium Lens Solution

If you’re a stockist of natural contact lenses and are looking for a new range to excite your customers look no further than Chromaview wholesale blends contact lenses. Blend contact lenses by Chromaview are coloured contact lenses that feature a variety of colours for people looking to change their eye colour with cosmetic lenses. This range of these products is vast and available in a variety of styles and product types.

Unlike generic natural contact lens wholesalers, you’ll find that the range our range is far from disappointing. Our large catalogue hosts many of the world's most iconic styles for costumes and Cosplay, as well as our unique natural coloured lenses that can be found in a variety of vibrant shades and cosmetic styles.

Depending on what you’re looking for, the Chromaview range can completely revitalise your contact lens stock and provide new and exciting possibilities for your customers; while also making your lens range stand out among the competition with new styles like our coloured blends range.

Wholesale Blends Contact Lenses

When it comes to natural contact lenses it can be hard to find a specific range of contact lenses that can really stand out from the competition. There is a variety of natural contact lens ranges available; however, none come close to Chromaview’s unique styles. At Chromaview we pride ourselves on the quality of our wholesale coloured contact lenses range and our premium manufacturing process which allows for incredibly vibrant and extreme colour pigmentations with all of our lenses.

Within our range of natural contact lenses, one of our most developed and popular styles are our blends range.

If you’re looking to enhance your coloured contact lens range with a popular cosmetic lens portfolio, be sure to inquire about getting bulk blends coloured contact lenses. Through our blends contact lens range, we can offer a cosmetic eye colour transformation through our large variety of style from this category.

Most coloured contact lenses wholesale that are for natural colour changes can vary depending on a person's eye colour. Unless you buy from a reputable natural lens supplier, coloured lenses will be lacking in quality and provide limited colour results and performance with each wear. Not only are our range of contact lenses made from approved safety processes, the colour pigments and designs we supply provide bright colours that can be seen on all eye colours.

Blends Natural Contact Lenses Wholesale

Our blends coloured contact range can be ordered from us in a variety of styles. Depending on your most popular ranges, we can compliment your stock with the new exciting blends lens range that compliments your best selling lens colours. In our blends range, we can offer hues of hazel, brown, green, grey, aqua, blue and emerald. This style offers a multi pigment shade of each colour, with a darkened limbal ring for added eye colour definition over other brands.
Unlike other natural contact lens suppliers, we make sure that all of our lenses for cosmetic purposes are both comfortable and fit for purpose. Some cosmetic lenses offer bright colour pigmentations that can look unnatural for the purpose or natural contact lens users. The blends range, however, features a design that allows for our deep colours to enhance eye colours while blending into the user's natural eye shade to maintain an organic fresh look.

Although these lenses do not offer the maximum coverage provided from our bulk cosmetic contact lenses range, this enhancing style provides a solution for your customers if they are looking for an everyday natural stare. The blend styles of pigment and designs can help complement all natural eye colours and we can offer a variety of products to suit your customer's needs.

Chromaview Wholesale Blend Coloured Contact Lenses

Within our range natural blends contact lenses, we can offer a variety of products for you to stock. With the popularity of natural contact lenses, it has become more and more popular for manufacturers to create cosmetic style lenses as plano or prescription variations. At Chromaview all of our natural lenses can be ordered as non prescription styles, however, our blends range is also available in a variety of prescription variations and durations to fit different customers’ needs.

For short-sighted vision, we can offer natural prescription lenses wholesale for corrections from -1.00 to -6.00. As well as this, all of these variations of the blends range can be ordered directly from the Chromaview website as the following options:

  • Chromaview Natural Blends Daily Coloured Contact Lenses
  • Chromaview Natural Blends Daily 10 Pack Coloured Contact Lenses
  • Chromaview Natural Blends 90 Day Coloured Contact Lenses
  • Chromaview Natural Blends Prescription Contact Lenses

Buying Safe Blends Contact Lenses Wholesale

After reviewing the natural contact lenses that are available, we’re sure you’re astounded of the diverse product portfolio that Chromaview has obtained. Our natural contact lens can stand toe to toe with many of the leading coloured contacts manufacturers and our unique Chromaview blends contact lenses are an exciting style that is sure to impress.

As well as offering an outstanding range of styles and vibrant pigment contact lenses, the Chromaview coloured contacts wholesale range is also known for their vast range of durations and prescriptions, but more importantly their safety. When ordering your Chromaview stock you can have peace of mind that you are providing your customers with some of the best coloured contact lenses available.

Their enhancing glare is complemented by the premium manufacturing process that our lenses go through to ensure the safety, comfort and durability in every pair. Our prestigious FDA approved and CE marked ratings will enhance your customer perceptions, improve customer relations and allow you to cater to both EU and US markets.