Here details any software or scripts your data may come into contact with once you have inputted it onto our website. With each platform, we have detailed which of your information is processed, for what reasons, how it is collected, and how long the data will be stored. Where possible, we have provided this information in detail with a link to third-party websites' privacy policies. Upon request, we are able to provide more information on these services. To find our commitment to GDPR responsibilities, please visit our GDPR information here.


Payment Providers

When a payment is made on, we provide the following data to the selected payment provider:

Shared Data: 

Order Number, Name, Email Address, Phone Number, Payment Method, Order Total

During the checkout step, we will share one of our selected payment providers with the customer details outlined above. No payment details are visible or stored in their complete form by Chromaview. Our payment providers and their individual privacy policies can be found below:

Payment Providers:

Paypal, Ingenico

Once one of our payment providers has received payment details, information may be passed and screened by additional 3rd parties for the purposes of fraud prevention. These events are handled independently and they do not store customer data in its complete form. A list of fraud prevention services are listed below:

Fraud Screen Services:

AciRED, Microsoft, Maxmind/minfraud

Courier & Returns Companies

When a transaction has been completed on, relevant customer information is handed from Chromaview to the selected courier service. By providing this data we can offer faster dispatch times and fulfillment. The following customer information is provided to our couriers:

Shared Data:

Billing/Delivery Address, Name, Email Address, Phone Number, Products Ordered, Order Total

Courier Services:

DHL, DPD, FedEx, Royal Mail, UPS, James & James, Ezi Returns

Consent Management Platform – Cookiebot

When using Chromaview you will be given the opportunity to opt-in or opt-out of certain cookies that improve the performance of the overall site. The cookies and tracking scripts that are run on Chromaview are used for vital user elements on-site and are categorised into the following areas: Necessary, Statistics, Preferences, and Marketing.

To select your preferences, please interact with our Cookiebot Consent Banner when you first visit the site. This banner can also be navigated to view the individual site cookies under each category.

Web Analytics & Advertising Tools

To aid the continual growth of Chromaview as an online web store, we have multiple scripts running on our site. Please see the list of services and their privacy policies below:

Web Analytics:

Google Analytics, Microsoft Clarity

Advertising Tools:

Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising, Meta Ads (Facebook/Instagram), Twitter Ads, TikTok Ads, Pinterest Ads, Reddit Ads

The services outlined above are used for anonymously reporting customer interactions with our website and attributing and recording conversions through the correct sources. Completing an order or Interacting with a Chromaview ad from one of the services outlined above will share the following information.

Shared Data:

Order Number, Order Value, Order Currency, IP Address

Some of these channels such as Google ads may utilise enhanced conversion tracking for more reliable and accurate conversion tracking. Where enhanced conversion tracking is implemented we may also share the following encrypted data:

Enhanced Conversion Tracking Data:

Customer Name, Customer Email Address, Customer Telephone Number, Customer Address

Review Services

For Chromaview to continually improve their service and customer experience we utilise a variety of reviews platforms that periodically send out review requests and record their submissions. If an order is completed successfully on Chromaview we will send the following information to our review platforms:

Shared Data:

Customer Order Number, Customer Ordered Items, Customer Locale, Customer Email


Trustpilot Service Reviews,, Google Service Reviews

By placing an order on Chromaview you agree for us to send a necessary review request. This ensures that we can continue to improve our services and product ranges. These review platforms use this information to correctly send a review invitation via email with the correct order information and language. Recipients can opt out of further correspondence using the information provided within the invitation.  

Data Processors

When an order has been completed, customer information is stored on servers at Arcadant BV Limited. In order to process orders successfully we use a variety of data processors which share the following data:

Shared Data:

Customer Name, Customer Address, Customer Email Address, Customer Phone Number, Customer Order, Customer Ordered Products

This information is passed to our data processing software which manages our stock allocation and dispatch of goods within our fulfillment centers. Our data processors can be found below:

CBR, BB Order Picker, BB Dispatch

Additional Tools


Keap is our email marketing system that we use to send e-newsletters, promotional offers, and informational emails regarding the company. This marketing is only sent to customers who opt in, who can also unsubscribe at any time. The customer data we store within Keap can be found below:

Shared Data:

Customer Name, Customer Email Address, Country Of Purchase, Number Of Products Purchased, Products Ordered, Product Attributes, Total Order Value, Date Of Last Purchase


This software is a chatbot that customers can use to access quizzes or helpful information while accessing the Chromaview site. This software only records how customers interact with the chatbots sequence as well as customer data provided through form submissions. We use this non-identifiable information from Landbot to improve our services and product range. Landbot’s privacy policy can be found here.

This list includes all the platforms your data could be stored when you input information For more information about our commitment to GDPR legislation please click here to see our dedicated GDPR information page.


Hotjar is a behavior recording tool that records user interactions with our website. This software runs on every page of our website and logs visited pages and how elements are interacted with while redacting any confidential information and form fields.