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Wholesale Natural Green Contact Lenses


Wholesale Natural Green Contact Lenses

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Chromaview All-In-One Premium Lens Solution
Chromaview All-In-One Premium Lens Solution

As social media influencers have increased, so has the demand for wholesale cosmetic contact lenses. Available in a variety of colours and styles, Chromaview stocks one of the widest premium catalogues of natural contact lenses around. Available from trade shows, online wholesalers and worn by influencers internationally; Chromaview contact lenses should be a part of any professional coloured contact lens retailers stock.

 Depending on what look your clients are going for, we can offer a contact lens solution for any occasion. Although our range of cosmetic lenses is available in a wide variety of colours including brown, hazel, blue, grey and aqua; one of the most popular colours come from our wholesale natural green contact lenses range.

With the rise of beauty trends coloured contact lenses have become a social norm within everyday fashion trends and beauty regimes. High ranking social media influencers now seek natural coloured contacts as a way to enhance their everyday look. With the increase in popularity for these contacts, we have developed Chromaview lenses to be one of the top natural contact lens suppliers available. With a large expansive range of bulk green contact lenses available in prescription and Plano styles; Chromaview contact lenses can fulfil your needs as a coloured contact lens stockist.

Wholesale Natural Green Contact Lenses

Over the years coloured contacts have become incredibly popular and increasingly detailed in design. With an initial interest in popular novelty ranges, and the development of premium coloured contact lens manufacturers such as Chromaview; the market for these styles has struck demand for new and exciting styles.

At Chromaview, we not only provide coloured contact lenses for all seasons and levels of demand; we offer bulk coloured contacts in a variety of styles and durations. With our range of contact lenses, we can offer a wide and varied stock that can suit almost all contact lens needs of your suppliers. Unlike normal coloured lenses that have peak periods of demand for seasonal periods such as Halloween; our wholesale natural coloured contact lenses will keep your customers’ interests peaked all year round. New beauty and makeup trends offer a want and desire from consumers to change their looks and appearance to adapt to the latest fashion trends; as a cosmetic contact lens supplier, we are here to cater to your business needs.

 Of all the natural contact lenses we offer, one of our most popular ranges is our bulk green contact lenses. Not only is our range vast, we only offer the highest quality premium contact lenses with vibrant colour pigments that can be placed head to head against some of the world's leading brands. Compared to other competitors within this industry our wholesale green contacts can be found in a variety of shades, so your customers can choose between forest green, jade and emerald for their next exciting eye colour. The Chromaview natural contact lens range can not only make you stand out from the competition with an enhanced range of styles; but also as a distinguished contact lens stockist that offers safe and premium lenses to their customers.

 One way in which our wholesale green lenses can offer you peace of mind is through our premium and high-quality products. Due to the nature of contact lenses and how they are used it is essential that your green coloured contact lens supplier is nothing but first rate. At Chromaview, all of our products are manufactured to some of the world’s highest standards, with all of our lenses being both FDA approved and CE marked. These prestigious approval ratings are a testament to both the quality of our lenses and our commitment to safety; ensuring that your customers are always provided with some of the best natural contact lenses available.

Get Green Contact Lenses Bulk

Whether your customers are looking for a one-off eye colour change or a new everyday style, our vast catalogue offers a range of solutions. Within our collection, you can shop through a variety of different shades and styles as well as a selection of durations, durabilities and prescription strengths. Usually, with natural coloured contacts, you can find one style of lenses in a variety of colours. At Chromaview however, we offer our natural lenses wholesale in a variety of colours, durations and even styles. The Chromaview bulk natural green lenses range has been developed to enhance our stockist’s range and make them stand out from the competition; which in turn provides them with a range of green wholesale lenses that can meet the needs of almost anyone looking for cosmetic lenses. Read about some of our popular styles below:

  • Green One Tone: The Chromaview one tone contact lenses range offers a single shade of colour for an enhancing glare. This style is a popular choice for light eye colours and for adding a subtle enhancement with natural eye tones.
  • Green Two Tone: Two tone natural lenses will provide added detail and depth to a look and can be offered as a less subtle alternative to the One Tone range.
  • Green Tri Tone: This three colour contact lenses design packs detail, depth and definition in every wear and gives our maximum coverage.
  • Green Blends: The green blends offer a subtle enhancement for light eyes with a mixture of colours for a more natural stare. Download the Chromaview catalogue to compare these styles.

For bulk natural green lenses, the Chromaview range is available in a variety of colours and styles. Open a trade account today and become a stockist of one of the widest premium ranges of coloured contact lenses available. Be ready for every demand with our costume, cosplay and prescription coloured contact lenses available in bulk with fast delivery options.