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Wholesale Natural Grey Contact Lenses


Wholesale Natural Grey Contact Lenses

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Chromaview All-In-One Premium Lens Solution
Chromaview All-In-One Premium Lens Solution

A colour gifted to the rare few by Mother Nature, grey eyes are a stunning occurrence that can leave many wishing they could change their eye colour. With wholesale natural grey contact lenses you can help your customers to do just that. In a few easy steps they could be on their way to attending an event or party with a dazzling new eye colour.

Coming in a variety of tones including light grey, dark grey, sterling grey, and steel grey; one thing is certain - there is no shortage of customers wanting to try out this stunning eye colour. With a natural range that offers a variety of designs, you can give your clients the opportunity to try realistic looking grey coloured contacts as a natural grey colour contact lenses supplier. These designs include:

  • Grey Tri Tone: This style offers the most detailed iris, with multiple tones to give a realistic finish. The main natural grey tone is complemented by additional colour flecks, and in some styles, coloured inner circle. The design is completed with a dark limbal ring to emulate the depth and richness of a human eye.
  • Grey Two Tone: This vibrant style offers customers the chance to add a bright sparkle to their eyes. The main colour is coupled with a dark limbal ring which highlights further the delightful grey tones found in the iris.
  • Grey One Tone: Offering a style that is similar to kawaii or anime lenses, this style is designed to add a single colour to the eye for an enhanced appearance. Whether your customer chooses to use this for cosplay or for everyday wear, they are sure to love the quirky results.
  • Grey Blends: The most understated in the collection, the Blends range will add some simple colour flecks for a tasteful and subtle colour enhancement. The transparent areas of the design allow for the natural iris to be visible. This gives the lens a different purpose. It is not designed to completely cover the iris but instead to complement the existing tones.

Our collection isn’t limited to these bulk natural looking grey contact lenses. It also includes our own unique designs based on the grey tones such as Storm Cloud Grey and Misty Grey. As you can see it is important to us as a supplier to be able to offer your business a vast catalogue of both popular and more unusual designs. Whatever your business brief may be, we are sure you will have plenty to choose from.

Additional Features Of Wholesale Coloured Contact Lenses

While you may have decided on the colours you would like to stock, there are some other factors to take into consideration. The first option available to you is between non-prescription and prescription lenses. Coloured non-prescription lenses have long been a feature of nights such as Halloween but what about the vast market of clients who require corrective contact lenses? With such a huge market to tap into can you really afford to only be supplying to those who are looking for a non-prescription product? With our range of prescription lenses you will be able to offer your customers the chance to experience clear vision and a change to their eye colour. These carefully crafted lenses are available in a variety of prescriptions at intervals of -0.50 meaning your customers can precisely match there prescriptive needs. As a colour contact lenses wholesale distributor you could find a niche in the market as a prescription coloured contact lenses seller.

Next, you must consider the duration of the buy bulk grey contact lenses. Your customers will be looking for a specific product to suit a purpose. Between single use lenses and long duration lenses, you could be supplying to a large customer group. Those who are looking for single use lenses often have this requirement for two reasons. The first is that they are only planning to use the contacts for a single event. The second is that they want to avoid the hassle of lens aftercare. Customers are required to clean, store and maintain longer duration lenses which is why many opt for the more hassle-free daily contact lenses.

In contrast, customers who regularly use contact lenses can save money in the long run by choosing a 30 day or 90 day style. They must maintain their contact lenses as detailed above, but they also get the benefit of being able to re-use a style in a new look or for another event. This option is popular with makeup artists and cosplayers who will be either creating a variety of looks for their social media channels or attending different events dressed as the same character.

Chromaview Wholesale Cosmetic Contact Lenses Account

To gain access to cheap coloured contact lenses we recommend you set up an account with Chromaview. This will allow you to browse our entire catalogue and will open up the bulk discount options. No matter how frequently you would like to purchase contact lenses, you can sign up with Chromaview and enjoy creating a bundle to suit your business.

If you decide to become a customer of Chromaview you will be able to access not only our products but also our wealth of knowledge as contact lens manufacturers. We strive to provide you with all the information you need about safety and contact lens use to pass on to your customers to help them have a positive experience with using coloured lenses, whether they are a first time customer or a returning customer.

As a natural grey lenses manufacturer, we are excited to see the market for natural coloured contacts continue expanding with the help of social media influencers and celebrities. These exciting accessories could soon become a part of your customer’s everyday makeup routine so make sure you find your place in the wholesale natural grey contact lenses market so you can benefit from this growing customer group.