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Wholesale Enhancing Contact Lenses

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Wholesale Enhancing Contact Lenses

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Chromaview Solar Blue Coloured Contact Lenses (Daily)
Chromaview Solar Blue Coloured Contact Lenses (Daily)
Chromaview All-In-One Premium Lens Solution
Chromaview All-In-One Premium Lens Solution

Part of our natural range, wholesale enhancing contact lenses are an ideal choice for customers looking to add some small but noticeable changes to their eye colour. While many customers will want to try out full colour coverage styles, there is plenty of potential in more subtle styles.

This collection offers designs such as colour flecks or colour enhancements in order to add that special sparkle to the eyes. This can be a more realistic way of changing the eye colour with great results that are sure to surprise your clients.

The colour flecks styles are designed to have some transparent areas in order to allow the wearers natural iris tone to show through. The vibrant colour flecks will add a depth to the iris by introducing a new colour to the palette. This is a popular way for people with less detailed natural irises to enhance the look of their eyes for special events or everyday wear.

With the presentation of seemingly perfect pictures covering our social media channels, social media influencers are constantly looking for ways to stand out from the crowd. On competitive platforms such as Instagram there a thousands of people with makeup artists accounts aspiring to find fame with creative and unique makeup looks. This is one of the reasons coloured contact lenses have boomed in popularity over recent years and as a colour contact lenses wholesale distributor you can become part of that market and community.

Like we mentioned, some of the lenses in the bulk enhancement contact lenses collection are designed to give a colour enhancement. This is best suited to customers who have light eye colours in order to achieve the most noticeable results. This style is designed to add a richness to the iris by covering it with a subtle additional colour, without covering the entire eye. The reason this style gives such realistic results is that natural eyes are built from multiple tones, therefore creating the depth and intensity of the human eye. This feat of nature can be intensified with the use of coloured contacts which can introduce new colours into the mix or intensify existing ones. As you can see there is plenty of potential in becoming an enhancing contact lenses supplier.

Chromaview iBLENDS Contact Lenses

The predominant range for buy bulk enhancing coloured contacts is the Blends contact lens design. This design features a range of natural colours and some additional unusual colours for those customers searching for a kawaii style to help complete their alternative outfits. The colours include:

  • Blue Contact Lenses
  • Green Contact Lenses
  • Hazel Contact Lenses
  • Grey Contact Lenses
  • Brown Contact Lenses
  • Violet Contact Lenses
  • Emerald Contact Lenses

Each colour has been chosen due to the subtle yet vibrant tones it can add to the iris. The enhancing styles are the perfect introduction into coloured contact lenses as they offer the wearer the chance to become used to seeing themselves with a different eye colour before they venture into full colour designs or costume styles.

While the most popular use for this style of contact lens is with a natural everyday makeup look or for a special event, we also see cosplayers using natural designs in order to match the eyes of the character they are cosplaying. This is a huge market that you surely can’t afford to miss out on. For more information about cosplay contact lenses be sure to visit our dedicated section or check out our blog feed.

Chromaview Wholesale Coloured Contact Lenses Additional Information

If you are looking for a way to add cheap coloured contact lenses to your business then we advise you to be cautious about the sellers you purchase from. Here at Chromaview we have ensured our lenses have been checked by officials so we can confidently tell you they are of the highest quality. With customers becoming more knowledgeable about the things to look for in safe coloured contacts, searches for FDA approved lenses are showing up high in the rankings. The products sold by Chromaview are FDA Approved and CE Marked which means they have certifications from both the USA and Europe. Additionally the products also have the 510k certification from the FDA which means they have been tested as safe and effective for purpose.

When it comes to wholesale cosmetic contact lenses we have made sure to not only focus on the colour design of the lenses but also the materials and lens surface. We know comfort is important when wearing contact lenses so we have chosen materials that are soft and feature high water content. By making the surface of the lens as thin as possible there are several benefits to customers. Firstly, the lenses are breathable allowing oxygen to reach the surface of the eye and prevent it from drying out. Secondly, the lenses will not be as noticeable once inserted. Within a couple of blinks many wearers of Chromaview lenses report hardly feeling the lenses at all. This is especially important to those who are not used to wearing contact lenses. We want to make sure that first time customers have a positive experience so they will return to you for future purchases.

With the best colour enhancing contact lenses on the market, also comes the best customer service. We won’t just provide you with the contact lenses but also the information to share with your customers about the safety and proper care of our coloured contact lenses. With your business account you can see the full catalogue of contact lenses plus information about each range to help your make an informed purchase that can give the maximum benefit to your business.

If you are looking to introduce natural contact lenses to your inventory then be sure to consider the unusual properties of wholesale enhancing contact lenses. Pair them with the more common tri tone, two tone, and one tone styles to provide your customers with an array of designs and colours to choose from.